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Tampa Bay Tarpon Fishing Charters

 Vast numbers of tarpon call the Tampa Bay area home. In fact there might not be a better place on earth to catch a tarpon than right here along the sun coast. There are resident tarpon that live in the bay year round as well as the local rivers and a huge push of migratory fish that swim the area beaches from March through September. Tarpon fishing charters are a blast with fish to 180 lbs not uncommon. Fly fishing for tarpon is an addiction of mine, and our area is home to more world records on fly than anywhere. The silver king will test the skills of every angler, and keep you coming back year after year. Click here for specific information on Tampa tarpon fishing charters. I also guide fly fishing for tarpon in the Florida Keys



Tampa fishing charters tarpon

Snook – Fishing for snook is a lot like bass fishing on steroids. Snook love topwater plugs and lures as well as a variety of jigs and soft plastic baits. They absolutely explode when they strike and jump clear out of the water. Snook fishing charters take place in some of the most beautiful country in Florida. Backcountry mangrove islands and white sand beaches are the places snook call home. They are also creatures of the night and feed extremely well after dark. Our night snook fishing charters around Tampa and St. Petersburg yield some true monsters. They are also a great species to target while fly fishing. Prime snook fishing time is from March through November.

Tampa Fishing Charters Snook

Redfish – Tampa bay is one of the places that comes to mind when you hear the word redfish. Great numbers of redfish are available in our area. They are known for brute strength and long runs. They provide great sight fishing opportunities when they feed in the shallows. As they move along a flat you can see their spotted tails sticking out of the water. Tampa fishing charters for redfish are a great introduction to flats fishing. Redfish tend to move in schools and when you locate one the action is fast and furious. If you are new to saltwater fly fishing, redfishing is a great way to start. The dependable redfish is available year round. We also target redfish on the flats of the Florida Keys

Tampa fishing charters for redfish

Trout – Spotted seatrout are great fun to catch and are very plentiful in Tampa Bay. They are targeted on soft plastics, shrimp, and flies. Trout love grass flats and potholes as well as our area river mouths. On Tampa Fishing Charters that target trout, action is the order of the day. You can catch dozens of trout in a day of fishing. Trout are available year round with December through February being the peak months.

Tampa trout fishing charters

Permit – The nearshore wrecks of the Tampa Bay area hold large numbers of permit. They are extremely strong fish capable of blistering runs and long fights. On calm days you often see them flashing just below the surface or see their fins sticking above the water’s surface. Silver dollar sized crabs are the bait of choice on permit fishing charters. Prime time for permit fishing Tampa Bay is May through October. I also guide permit fishing in the Florida Keys

Tampa Bay permit fishing charters

Other Fish Species – We also target sharks, snapper, sheepshead, grouper and cobia depending on the season. Tampa fishing charters offer a multitude of fishing opportunities year round. Give me a call anytime to find out whats biting and to book your Tampa Flats Fishing Charter. If you are interested in targeting bonefish, permit or tarpon in the Florida Keys visit this page.

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