Tampa Bay Fishing Charters in the Fall

Fall starts this week and the fishing continues to be excellent. The tarpon fishing is still going strong. They have been readily eating flies as well as mirrolures. This late tarpon season is a very cool fishery that I love to take advantage of. Tampa tarpon fishing will stay good through November as long as the warm weather holds. These tarpon are here to do only one thing and that is feed. Tons of bait will start filtering into Tampa Bay and fish of all species will go into a frenzy.

Another great fall fishery is the false albacore blitz. It is great sport fly fishing or on light tackle. This is truly a spectacle as huge schools of fish bust bait around the mouth of Tampa Bay. They have blistering runs that are unbelievable. This fish pound for pound is one of the fastest that swims in the ocean.

Snook fishing is very strong and will really get going as the water cools. Snook in Tampa Bay go into hard core feeding mode to pack on pounds for the winter. Top water plug fishing is at it’s best this time of year. Tampa fishing charters for snook bring constant action and big numbers of fish. The fall is also the best time to target them on flies. I really like white deceiver’s and white gurgler’s this time of year. Find out more about Tampa Fly Fishing.

The largest redfish of the year have also began to show up. Tampa Bay offers excellent redfish action well into the fall. They also take artificial’s well this time of year. Soft plastic paddle tails and slow suspending twitch baits will get the job done.

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