Hooked up to a tarpon in Tampa Bay Florida


Tampa Bay Fishing Charters

Tampa Bay is the largest estuary in the United states. It offers great options for Tampa Bay fishing charters year round. With Florida’s mild climate we have excellent fishing when most people are shoveling snow up North. Most of our fish species live here year round, but we do have seasonal visitors as well as peak times of the year for certain species.


Tampa Bay is a great success story in conservation, and the ability of an ecosystem to repair itself in time. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s Tampa Bay was virtually devoid of grass or bottom vegetation. This led to a disastrous collapse of the food chain, and the bay teetered on the brink. The aquatic defoliation was due mainly to massive industrial pollution and a complete lack of environmental regulations for decades. The good news is through conservation efforts Tampa Bay and it’s grasses are thriving again. This has led to an incredible fishery for us to utilize on Tampa Bay fishing charters.

What Types of Fishing Charters Are Available In Tampa Bay?


Flats Fishing is light tackle fishing in very shallow water, generally depths of 4 feet or less. Stealth is key in the shallows as noise is amplified on the bottom of the boat. On the flats we catch, redfish, snook, spotted seatrout, and tarpon. Other catches include jack crevalle, sharks, and cobia. Flats fishing charters are great for those who are worried about seasickness or rough water. Flats fishing was first developed in the Florida Keys and Key West. Learn more about flats fishing in the Florida Keys.


Tampa Bay fishing charters for tarpon are very popular as well. These giant silver fish call Tampa Bay home year round with migratory tarpon showing up every spring. Tarpon are found on the edges of flats and on the gulf side beaches. Tarpon season is considered to be April through July and these dates fill up quickly. There is no better rush than seeing a fish as big as man leap 10 feet into the air. Tampa Bay is one of the best places to catch a tarpon in Florida. I also offer fly fishing trips for tarpon.


Inshore Fishing is similar to flats fishing except it involves using live bait mostly. While inshore fishing in Tampa Bay you may also catch flounder, Spanish mackerel, and bluefish. These fish are typically found in 6 – 10 feet of water over grass bottoms. This type of Tampa Bay fishing charter is particularly good for families and children due to constant action.


Nearshore Fishing takes place in the middle of Tampa Bay or in the gulf of Mexico off of area beaches. You can catch snapper, grouper, cobia, mackerel and kingfish. Nearshore fishing charters are in deeper depths of 10 – 40 feet. The water can be rougher out here so either pick a nice day or be ready to test your sea legs. This type of fishing is generally bottom fishing or trolling. Action is usually steady, but not recommended for young children.


Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Charters are taking off in popularity. Saltwater fly fishing is one of the fastest growing areas of the sport. Fly fishing for tarpon is excellent in Tampa Bay and our gulf beaches. Fly fishing takes patience and skill but the satisfaction is tremendous. Stalking gamefish and sight casting to them is quite the thrill.


Night Fishing charters are a great way to beat the heat, and catch huge tarpon and snook. These fish when they get to be a certain size are primarily nocturnal. By fishing at night you are there during their prime feeding time. Tampa Bay fishing charters at night take place under one of our lighted bridges in the area. The lights attract bait, and the tarpon and snook come to feed on the bait buffet. Night fishing is really cool, and I highly recommend it.

Why Choose Tampa Bay Fishing Charters For Your Next Trip?


Tampa Bay is a premier fishing destination for many reasons. First of all is the variety of species to target. Nowhere else in Florida offers quite the variety of fish species year round. We also have many different types of fishing to accommodate anglers of all skill levels. Some of the highlights of Tampa Bay fishing include arguably the best snook fishing in Florida. In the spring and fall it is not uncommon for us to catch 50 – 100 snook on a Tampa Bay fishing charter. The annual tarpon migration is also something to behold. For 4 months straight hundreds of thousands of giant tarpon swim right off our beaches in 3- 6 feet of crystal clear water. It is some of the most exciting fishing you will find anywhere.


Tampa Bay is also centrally located to Orlando, Disney, and many other theme parks. This makes Tampa a family friendly fishing destination. Tampa has a thriving downtown with great dining, shopping and sight seeing. The St. Petersburg area is known for it’s art galleries and laid back atmosphere on the shores of Tampa Bay. We also have 3 professional sports teams so you can catch a game after your Tampa Bay fishing charter.


Then there are the beaches. This area of Florida have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Not to mention fantastic fishing for tarpon, snook, king mackerel and more. Anna Maria Island, Clearwater Beach, and St. Pete Beach are all popular spots. There is also great diving, snorkeling, and spear fishing in the area


If you want to see what fishing in Tampa Bay is all about, and experience the excitement of Tampa Bay fishing charters you can contact me here.