Fall is my favorite time of year and is a fine time for Tampa fishing charters. With the cooling air comes cooling water and all day action. It’s no secret I love to catch big redfish, especially with a fly rod. There is no better time than Fall to hook bull reds. Large schools will begin roaming the beaches soon and it’s the best time to hook into a 40 inch plus redfish. They feed primarily by scent so cut ladyfish, mullet or sardines is often the way to go.

Tampa Fishing Charters Forecast

The snook will be making their way into the backcountry in the coming months as well. Concentrate on those mangrove shorelines with a little deeper water to stay connected. The fry bait is growing and should stay in ample supply the next couple of months so getting your whitebait shouldn’t be an issue. Bonita and king mackerel are beginning to come into the picture. Bonita make great targets for fly fishing and will also readily eat top water plugs. They can peel drag like few other fish can. The trick to finding bonita is finding the diving birds. When you find the birds it’s game on! The action is fast and furious with multiple rods hooking up at the same time. King mackerel will usually not be far behind. I do not target kings often, but when the bite is on I will. King mackerel are a fall staple when fishing Tampa Bay and smoked kingfish is absolutely delicious. The options are endless this time of year so get out there and take advantage of it.

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Tight Lines, Capt. Brandon Henley