Tampa Fishing Report October 2017

Change is in the air in Tampa Bay. The water temperatures are falling rapidly, and hordes of bait fish have invaded the bay. This has tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, jacks, and bluefish all working the same areas crashing bait. This is without a doubt the best fishing of the year in the Tampa area. The influx of bait and the days getting shorter trigger the fish to feed heavily all day long. Find the birds, and you will find the bait. In turn the game fish will be there too.

What To Expect Fishing In Tampa In October?

Action is the order of the day. The most productive Tampa fishing charters will take advantage of this annual multi species feeding frenzy. This means being open to catching many different species on your charter. If you break away to pursue one particular species you are selling yourself short. The majority of the fish in Tampa Bay are all crammed together feeding on the bait buffet. The only exception is tarpon. Tarpon are feeding on the bait as well, but there are certain spots we can go target them exclusively. If you walk in with an open mind, you will catch a boatload of fish in October. Most of these can be caught on top water plugs which is an absolute blast.

Tampa Bay Fly Fishing Report

This is it folks. Fantastic¬†fly fishing in the Tampa Bay area is upon us. No other time of year can you do this much work with a fly rod. With all our game fish crashing bait you simply cast a surface fly into the frenzy, and it’s fish on. The fly fishing for tarpon in Tampa Bay is fantastic this fall as well. Lots of resident tarpon in the 20-60 lb range are gathered in certain areas ready for the taking. These fish are feeding heavily packing on pounds to sustain them through the winter months. If you want to catch a tarpon on fly in 2017, now is the time. If you are interested in Florida Keys fly fishing for tarpon in 2018 click the link.

Tampa Fishing Charters Fall Fishing Forecast

There are very few boats on the water this time of year, and this gives us free reign of Tampa Bay. The fishing is great and will continue to get even better for the next six weeks. On a fishing charter in the Tampa area, snook, redfish, trout, tarpon, mackerel, jacks, permit, and bluefish can all be had this fall. I love catching fish on top water plugs and this is the time to do it. Watching a school of ravenous fish chase down you lure and destroy it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. If you are interested in booking a Tampa Bay fishing Charter you can email the captain with the link. Tight lines and hope to see you this fall,

Captain Brandon Henley