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As a Tampa fly fishing guide I consider myself very fortunate. I have access to some of the most productive places to fly fish on the planet. Fly fishing offers the ultimate challenge and the greatest reward in the flats fishing game. It requires stealth and a spot on presentation to the fish. Fly fishing Tampa Bay is a world away from the banks of a trout stream. These are big, powerful fish that can humble the most accomplished anglers out there. This is the realm of big fly rods and heavy flies. It’s a place of heart pounding moments watching tailing redfish right in front of you, and tarpon as big as a man punching holes in the sky. It is perfect.

Tampa Bay is a great place to make the transition from freshwater to saltwater fly fishing, or for the avid saltwater fly fisherman to test their skills. We have hordes of redfish roaming the flats of Tampa Bay, vast numbers of tarpon along our beaches and snook back in the mangrove islands. These great fish all readily eat flies year round. Click here to find out more on Tampa fishing charters on light tackle.

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Tampa Fly Fishing for Tarpon

I could write a book about fly fishing for tarpon in Tampa.The Tampa Bay area and the Sun Coast of Florida is the BEST place in the world to catch a big tarpon on fly. The reason is the fish here simply eat a fly better than anywhere else. I also guide in the Florida Keys and while we get great numbers of fish in the keys, they do not eat a fly as well as they do here. Our average fish on the Sun Coast is also bigger. Almost all world records for tarpon on fly were set on here on the West Coast of Florida.

Our peak season for fly fishing for tarpon in Tampa Bay is May, June, July, and August. This is the time frame of the push of migratory tarpon. Most of these fish will be in the 80-160 lb range.Some real specimens will be bigger. Our beaches are the perfect place to fly fish for tarpon. While the crowds are using live bait at Boca Grande and Egmont, we find lots of fresh tarpon along our beaches. String after string of silver kings make their way down our beaches. The water is crystal clear and the sight of a tarpon eating your fly will make your heart stop. Fly fishing for tarpon does not require super long cast either. An accurate 40 foot cast will catch tarpon here in Tampa Bay.

We have resident tarpon available from April through October  in the Tampa Bay area. These fish average between 20-60 lbs and eat flies extremely well. The locations of these fish I keep close to the vest. As an avid fly tier I spend long hours developing and testing new fly patterns for Tampa Bay tarpon. I have also spent a lot of time locating the spots where these resident tarpon lay up during the warm parts of the year. I will bring this experience and knowledge to make the most of your Tampa Fly Fishing for Tarpon charter.

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Tampa Fly Fishing Guide


If you are interested in booking a Tampa fly fishing charter I am the guide for you. No one loves it more. I eat, sleep and breathe fly fishing. When I go fishing by myself or with friends, you will find a fly rod in my hands. I can share my passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge with you on your Tampa fly fishing. If you are new to saltwater fly fishing, practice your casting before your trip. Learning to double haul will improve your chances of success on the flats more than anything. It minimizes false cast and cuts through the wind. In most areas you can book a lesson with a casting instructor and polish up your cast. I have a series of youtube videos that also explains some important casting concepts that I will be happy to share with you as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions about Tampa fly fishing.

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